Gaâla girl spotlight #1

Gaâla girl spotlight #1

We always love hearing from you, our community, so we created a space to share conversations with you in a series of intimate interviews - we hope you enjoy them!
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Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your style?


My name is Nolwenn Le Moigne (@nolwennlemoigne). I am a 22-year-old French girl who lives in Paris and works in communication. 

I lead a very active city life, so I need my clothes to be practical and resistant while staying classy. I am passionate about literature and theatre: I love reading, writing, acting, and watching plays. I have always been very keen on using aesthetics to portray my personality, so my outfits play an essential part in expressing myself. When I dress in a feminine and elegant way, I feel the most like myself.


Why is shopping sustainably important to you?


When I buy clothes, I want them to be respectful of the environment and the workers who craft them and tailored in high-quality materials that will last me for years. That’s why I have almost entirely stopped purchasing fast-fashion items. I now only buy second-hand clothes or garments from sustainable brands such as Gaâla.

Where do you wear Gaâla?


I wear Gaâla pretty much everywhere: when I go to university, when I’m at work, when I have formal events or when I go on a date. As the pieces are always perfectly tailored, I find them highly flattering for my silhouette. I always feel confident in them, which allows me to wear them anywhere I want.


How do you define your style?


I would say that my style is feminine and elegant, but always with a modern touch. I love classic, vintage-inspired silhouettes that are flattering for the female body. Still, I always try to mix them with more contemporary colors or accessories to make sure I never look outdated.

How do you plan on transitioning your Gaâla pieces into Autumn and Winter wear?
I love layering as a way to use summer pieces during the colder months. For example, I will wear a wool sweater on top of my Monroe dress to use it as a skirt and add a belt at the waist to give more definition to the silhouette.