About us

About Gaâla

Founded by husband and wife duo, Kelly de Gaalon and Alexander Zhalezka, a Belarusian native, Gaâla is the meeting of two worlds – classic French aesthetic combined with the finest Belarusian craftsmanship.

Gaâla focuses on creating pieces that transcend time and trends: classic professional wear that never goes out of style, timeless dresses and jumpsuits that never need to be replaced.

Our hope is that you breathe life into our designs, making them your own, and that you wear them with the same love and integrity that went into their creation.



From the founder 

When I was a girl, hand-me-downs were a way of life. I remember watching my mother hand-sew clothes and adjust already existing pieces so they could be passed down to me or one of my 8 siblings. The idea of taking something and making the piece my own interested me from a young age.

Entering the professional world as a grown up I found it difficult to find high quality yet accessibly priced clothing in classic cuts and vintage silhouettes. It was during my time in Shanghai that I began working with tailors to create my own clothing - and what started as a hobby expanded into making clothes for family and friends.

With the confidence my designs gave me and encouragement from the positive responses they received, I launched Gaâla along with my husband and a team of talented Belarusian artisans.

Sustainability and Upcycling

Knowing and understanding the impact of our actions has led us to mindfully craft our designs using production leftovers, deadstock fabrics, and other low impact natural materials

Our silks are sourced from production leftovers in Hangzhou, China, known as the, “home of silk” due to their time-honored tradition of silk making. We personally handpick a variety of cotton, viscose and wool fabrics leftover by Italian fashion houses and procure deadstock linen in Belarus, where linen is the basis of its people’s culture.

Create for the needs of today while enabling the needs of future generations” is not just our mantra, but a firm belief. We are constantly adapting the way we work in order to become more sustainable.

Because of the limited nature of deadstock material our quantities are uniquely limited. We sometimes produce as few as 2 or 3 pieces in one fabricLooking to make as small a footprint as possible we’ve chosen to use fabric remnants that would in most cases be tossed into landfills and repurpose them for our collections.


Our workshop

Each of our pieces is created in a small-scale workshop where we provide a safe and ethical work environment with above average wages for each member of our team.

We work alongside our highly experienced tailors whose passion for their craft is truly reflected in the quality of their work.