The Quiet Luxury of Gaâla's Old Money Collection

Old Money Outfits for Women

True luxury whispers; it never shouts. Gaâla's Old Money Collection embraces this philosophy, offering couture-esque craftsmanship and the finest fabrics sourced from prestigious ateliers of Italy.

The Old Money Collection is defined by its expert tailoring, with every seam, stitch, and detail executed with precision and artistry. Each garment in the collection is meticulously crafted to fit flawlessly, thanks to careful attention to fit and finish. In the collection, you'll find elevated touches like thoughtfully curated buttons, woven piping, and meticulous finishing, each detail reflecting an unwavering commitment to excellence.

The color palette Gaâla chose for the collection is a harmonious blend of black and white interspersed with neutrals, ensuring versatility and timelessness. These hues are the bedrock of a capsule wardrobe, providing a versatile canvas upon which you can easily layer and accessorize, conjuring endless old money outfits.

The History Behind Old Money Fashion

The History Behind Old Money Fashion


Old Money fashion is a timeless style that reflects heritage, refinement, and sophistication. Originating in elite society, it has maintained its opulent and classy reputation through generations. This fashion trend has seen various stages of evolution, from the Edwardian era's tailored suits and top hats to the elegant silhouettes of the Roaring Twenties. Haute couture houses were pivotal in shaping Old Money fashion, ensuring the elite's enduring sartorial prestige.

Key elements defining Old Money fashion include quality fabrics, understated luxury, and impeccable tailoring. Iconic pieces like the classic trench coat, pearl necklaces, and tailored blazers have become staples in the wardrobes of the well-heeled.

Old Money fashion continues to influence contemporary style as designers draw inspiration from the past, infusing modern collections with timeless elegance.

Influential Figures in Old Money Style:

Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Grace Kelly are three iconic individuals who have left an indelible mark on the world of Old Money style. Their timeless elegance, impeccable fashion sense, and refined taste have made them enduring symbols of class and sophistication.

Audrey Hepburn old money aesthetic


Audrey Hepburn, known for her iconic roles in classic films like 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' and 'Roman Holiday,' exuded a natural grace and elegance that transcended eras. Her wardrobe featured iconic pieces like the little black dress and tailored suits, epitomizing the understated luxury that defines Old Money fashion.

Jackie Kennedy style


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the former First Lady of the United States, set a standard for timeless style and sophistication during her time in the White House. Her fashion choices, characterized by clean lines, pearls, and elegant dresses, have influenced generations of women and continue to be celebrated today.

Grace Kelly Old Money Aesthetic


Grace Kelly, a Hollywood star who became Princess Grace of Monaco, was the epitome of grace and refinement. Her wedding gown, designed by MGM costume designer Helen Rose, remains one of history's most iconic bridal dresses.

Essential Pieces for Old Money Wardrobe

Tailored Blazers

From left to right: Meredith Blazer ,Claude Three Piece Suit

Tailored Blazers


A cornerstone of Old Money fashion, tailored blazers exude sophistication and timeless style. Crafted from high-quality fabrics and featuring impeccable cuts, they effortlessly elevate any ensemble, whether paired with trousers or worn over a little black dress.

Silk Blouses

From left to right: Kacey Tapered Pants, Posie Silk Blouse

Old Money Blouses


Silk blouses are synonymous with elegance in the Old Money wardrobe. Their luxurious texture and understated charm make them versatile staples that can easily transition from casual to formal occasions.


Old Money Trousers


Old Money fashion emphasizes well-tailored trousers. These classics offer comfort and style, embodying the perfect balance between refinement and practicality.

Trench Coat

Trench Coat


The trench coat is an iconic piece in the Old Money wardrobe, revered for its enduring appeal and timeless design. Its ability to complement any outfit while providing style and function makes it a must-have for every discerning dresser.


From left to right: Thea Long Cardigan, Short Cardigan Lillianna

Old Money Cardigans


Cardigans are the epitome of relaxed elegance in Old Money outfits. Their versatility allows for layering and effortless chic, making them indispensable for achieving that polished yet relaxed look.

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress


No Old Money wardrobe is complete without the quintessential little black dress. Its simplicity and versatility make it a go-to choice for various occasions, ensuring you're always impeccably dressed.

Knit Tops and Dresses

From left to right: Ruby Knit Top, Alma Lined Pants

Knit Tops and Dresses


Comfort meets sophistication with knit tops and dresses. These pieces combine classic style with the comfort necessary for a well-rounded fashion collection.

Accessorizing the Old Money Way

Accessorizing the Old Money Way


In the world of Old Money, the philosophy of 'less is more' reigns supreme. Accessories should serve as subtle punctuation marks, adding a touch of sophistication without stealing the spotlight.

Foremost among these are pearls. Pearl necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are iconic staples of the Old Money wardrobe. Their understated luster and classic beauty make them the epitome of refined elegance. Whether worn as a single strand or layered, pearls effortlessly elevate any ensemble.

Elegant jewelry, such as simple gold or silver pieces, is another hallmark of the Old Money aesthetic. Delicate bracelets, stud earrings, and fine chains add a touch of luxury without overwhelming the overall look. The key is to choose pieces that enhance the outfit rather than overshadow it.

Dressing Old Money in Different Seasons

Layering is the key to mastering Old Money fashion in every season. Whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter, the art of layering remains key.


Spring old money collection


In spring, Old Money style embraces lightweight layers. Think silk blouses under tailored blazers or trench coats for those cooler evenings. Pearls and elegant jewelry add a touch of sophistication to the ensemble.


summer old money collection


Summer calls for effortless layering with breathable fabrics. Pair knit tops or lightweight dresses with delicate jewelry for a chic, layered look that keeps you cool and stylish.


old money collection


As autumn arrives, combine cardigans over silk blouses, and remember a classic trench coat or a tailored blazer for extra warmth and style. Elegant jewelry and pearls complete the layered effect.


winter old money collection


Winter is all about staying warm while looking refined. Layer cashmere sweaters under wool coats and accessorize with pearls and elegant jewelry for a cozy, layered look that exudes timeless elegance.
In every season, Old Money style masters the art of layering, effortlessly blending comfort and sophistication.

Fabric Choices in Old Money Fashion

Old money Cardigan


When selecting fabrics in Old Money fashion, prioritize quality and longevity. Opt for premium materials like wool for warmth, silk for luxury, eco viscose for comfort, and linen for breathability. Even in casual attire, choose high-quality cotton for durability.

In conclusion

In closing, the essence of the new Old Money aesthetic is not solely about projecting wealth but rather embracing a conscious and enduring approach to fashion. While it may be considered a 'trend,' the beauty of this style lies in its timelessness, capable of carrying you through decades without being subject to the whims of fashion and fleeting trends.

✧ FAQ: ✧

What is Old Money Fashion?
Old Money Fashion represents a timeless and refined style that transcends trends. It is characterized by understated luxury, high-quality fabrics, impeccable tailoring, and a focus on classic, enduring pieces. This fashion aesthetic is often associated with established wealth and heritage.

How Can I Incorporate Old Money Style into My Wardrobe?
To incorporate Old Money aesthetic outfits into your wardrobe, focus on quality over quantity. Invest in well-tailored basics like blazers, silk blouses, and classic trousers. Embrace elegant accessories such as pearls and fine jewelry. Opt for high-quality fabrics, and prioritize pieces that exude sophistication and timelessness.

Can Old Money Style be Adapted for Modern Trends?
Yes, Old Money style can be adapted to incorporate modern trends while maintaining its core elegance. The key is choosing classic pieces as your foundation and selectively incorporating modern elements. For example, pair a tailored blazer with contemporary accessories or experiment with current color palettes while maintaining the timeless aesthetic.

How Do I Build a Capsule Old Money Wardrobe?
To build a capsule Old Money wardrobe, start with essential pieces like tailored blazers, silk blouses, trousers, a trench coat, cardigans, a little black dress, and elegant jewelry. Focus on versatile, neutral colors and high-quality fabrics. Mix and match these items to create a range of sophisticated and timeless outfits suitable for various occasions.