A word from the founder

Kelly de Gaalon founder of Gaâla Paris

When I was a girl, hand-me-downs were a way of life. I remember watching my mother hand-sewing clothes and adjusting pre-loved pieces to pass down to one of my eight siblings or me—the idea of making something of my own interested me from a young age.

As I ventured into the professional world, I struggled to find high-quality yet affordable clothing in classic cuts and elegant silhouettes. I began collaborating with skilled tailors to give life to my vision. I aimed to create designs that made women feel feminine and beautiful, effortlessly standing out without calling attention.

What began as a hobby soon evolved into crafting clothing for my loved ones. Empowered by the confidence my designs gave me and encouraged by the positive feedback, I embarked on the journey of creating Gaâla alongside my husband, Alexander, and a small team of highly skilled artisans.

My vision was clear: to design apparel for women who courageously celebrate their femininity in a world that encourages toughness as the key to success. The Gaâla woman embodies both romance and strength, idealism and ambition. She is a mother, a grandmother, a career woman, a student, an educator, and an artist; she is many things, but predominantly, she is a woman who recognizes that a woman's power lies in her capacity to "do it all" — nurturing, protecting, and excelling in her professional and personal life, all while preserving her innate femininity.

I hope you wear our creations with all the love and care that went into their making.

With love,
Kelly de Gaalon