Our Fabrics

The story behind every Gaâla piece begins as a treasure hunt...

Today, more than 120 billion dollars worth of unspoiled surplus fabric from fashion houses is waiting to be thrown into landfills or incinerated. This excess fabric is known as deadstock.

This is where we come in as "treasure hunters." Our travels take us worldwide, discovering new cultures and ateliers while perusing through endless rolls of these beautiful, diverse textiles, selecting and giving them a second life.

The search for fabric fuels our creativity, and our collections are primarily inspired by the fabrics we rescue. Due to the limited nature of upcycled fabrics, designs often cannot be reproduced in the same fabric, which means that many Gaâla garments are one-of-a-kind. Other pieces made with eco-fabrics may not be as limited, but are nonetheless beautiful, unique, and luxurious.

Meet the beautiful fabrics that give life to our designs:

Crepe Sheer Silk

Revered in China as the "colorful clouds in the sky," this sheer, lightweight fabric is breathable, holds its shape, and has moisture-wicking properties, making it perfect for wear in warmer weather.

Working with Crepe Sheer Silk requires skilled tailors with many years of experience, as it is a delicate and challenging fabric. However, the results are gorgeous, elegant garments that will retain their soft and airy qualities for years to come.


Handpicked from luxury fashion house surplus in France and Italy. This trans-seasonal fabric adapts itself to your body’s temperature, adjusting itself to both the heat and the cold. One of the most durable of all the natural fibers, wool ensures its wearer longevity and is a renewable resource that is kind on our planet.

Charmeuse Satin Silk

Charmeuse Silk comes from the French word meaning "female charmer." Due to its temperature regulating properties, this luxurious yet durable fabric keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Our Charmeuse Satin Silk garments have a small percentage of elastane, which ensures luxurious, comfortable movement with some stretch.

Heavy Luxe Matte Silk

Soft and thick, our Heavy Luxe Matte Silks are full-bodied with a beautiful drape and luxurious feel. Garments crafted from this silk have a small percentage of elastane, ensuring comfortable movement with some stretch.

Matte Crepe de Chine Silk

Known as one of the most romantic of silks, crepe sheer silk is luxuriously soft to the skin's touch, with a smooth finish and fluid drape that makes for the most beautiful movement. Lightweight and breathable, it is also wrinkle resistant, distinguishing it from other types of silk.

Turkish Cotton

Cotton has been a vibrant touchstone of Turkish culture for centuries. Lightweight and durable, Turkish cotton is renowned for becoming softer and stronger after washes.

Our premium quality upcycled cotton comes from a small, family-run business in Istanbul. They save their limited quantity of surplus fabrics for us to give a second life.


This breathable and lightweight natural fiber requires little water consumption to grow. Across its lifecycle, a linen garment uses 6.4 liters of water, making it one of the most environmentally sustainable fibers to produce. It is as gentle on our bodies as it is on our planet.

Cotton Tweed

Bringing a touch of extravagance into the everyday, our superior upcycled cotton tweed fabrics, sourced from Italy and Korea, are classically textured and look just as luxurious as they feel.

Linen Tweed

A trans-seasonal fabric, linen tweed is reputed for its fantastic moisture-absorbing and breathable properties, combining tweed's durability with linen's weightlessness. Our superior upcycled linen tweed is sourced from Japan.

Wool Tweed

Tweed has been inseparably associated with quality and luxury ever since Coco Chanel put the Scottish-origin textile on the map. Tweed is synonymous with sophistication, comfort, and luxury and is renowned for its durability, heat retention, and water-repellant properties. We source the finest upcycled wool tweed from Italy and France.