Rose Petal Cellulose Fabric

Rose Petal fabric is a luxurious and eco-friendly textile crafted from the natural waste of rose petals, creating a plant-based cellulose fiber. Celebrated for its softness and durability, it's also biodegradable, offering an environmentally responsible choice that naturally decomposes in the soil, reducing textile waste. A unique and innovative feature of Gaala’s Rose Petal fabric is its unique print, which was designed by talented artists and imprinted onto the fabric’s surface.


Derived from the flax plant, linen stands out for its significantly lower water requirements during cultivation than other fibers. Additionally, linen is a resilient and durable fabric known for its long lifespan, becoming softer the more it is washed. Our linen garments boast breathability and lightweight comfort and are just as gentle on our bodies as on our planet.


With our silk apparel, we prioritize both luxury and environmental consciousness through upcycling. Our collections include Heavy Luxe Matte silk, known for its weight and elegant drape; Chiffon silk, offering a feather-light feel and graceful movement, floaty and soft Crepe de Chine silk; and Charmeuse silk, celebrated for its smooth, glossy finish.


Sourced from a family textile business in Spain, our organic cotton is a testament to sustainable and ethical practices, certified by GOTS, BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), and OCS (The Organic Content Standard.) Grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, organic cotton promotes soil health and reduces water consumption. The absence of harmful chemicals ensures a healthier end product for consumers and contributes to a safer working environment for farmers.


Renowned for its exceptional qualities, wool's inherent insulating properties make it an ideal choice for warmth in colder climates while allowing breathability for comfort in warmer temperatures. Our upcycled wool embodies top-quality craftsmanship and sustainability, handpicked from luxury fashion house surplus in Italy. As one of the most durable natural fibers, wool ensures its wearer longevity and is a renewable resource that is kind on our planet.


Sturdy yet comfortable, warm yet breathable. That's the essence of our upcycled tweed, sourced with care in Italy. Our collections feature the highest quality blends, including cotton tweed, linen tweed, and premium wool tweed. This unique combination of strength and softness ensures an unparalleled wearing experience.