Summer Maternity Outfits: Balancing Comfort and Style

Summer Maternity Outfits

Expecting a baby is a beautiful journey, but dressing for two during a hot summer can be challenging.

Gaâla's maternity collection celebrates women creating new life and seeking to feel beautiful and feminine as their bodies undergo remarkable changes. Gaâla has meticulously selected fabrics for their softness, breathability, and convenience, understanding that no expecting mother should compromise comfort for beauty. From gentle linens and cotton to the luxurious feel of sustainable Rose Petal Cellulose fabric, each material is chosen to be kind to both the wearer and the life within.

Featuring adaptable designs, Gaâla's pieces seamlessly transition from early to late stages of pregnancy and beyond. With the addition of laces, ribbon ties, elastic, and other thoughtful details, each garment guarantees a perfect fit and maximum comfort throughout every stage of motherhood.

Discover how to strike the perfect balance between looking stylish and staying comfortable with Gaâla's collection this summer. In this blog, we'll guide you through the best maternity outfit ideas to keep you radiant and cool all season long.

Welcome to the extraordinary adventure of motherhood; you're going to love it.

Top Fabrics for Summer Maternity Outfits

Gaâla's maternity collection is thoughtfully designed with the comfort and style of expecting mothers in mind, featuring top-quality fabrics that are perfect for summer.


Linen is a staple in Gaâla's collections, known for its incredible breathability and lightweight nature. This fabric keeps you cool even on the hottest days, wicking away moisture and allowing your skin to breathe. Its natural texture adds a touch of effortless elegance to any outfit, making it a perfect choice for maternity wear.

Upcycled Silks

Gaâla takes pride in using the highest-quality upcycled silks, which provide a soft, smooth feel against your skin, ensuring maximum comfort. Their natural drape enhances your feminine silhouette, allowing you to look and feel your best all summer long. Nadia Maternity Dress.

Sustainable Rose Petal Fabric

One of the most innovative materials in Gaâla's collection is sustainable Rose Petal Cellulose fabric. This eco-friendly fabric, derived from the natural waste of rose petals, is a luxurious and sustainable choice. It's incredibly soft, breathable, and gentle on sensitive skin and the life within.

Essential Summer Maternity Wardrobe Pieces

Gaâla's Arlette wrap maternity dress is crafted from sustainable Rose Petal Cellulose fabric. Designed with flutter sleeves for added comfort, it features a nursing-friendly plunging V-neck and a waist-cinching belt that gracefully rests on the empire waist, offering flexibility for adjustments throughout all trimesters of your pregnancy and beyond. *Please be aware that Rose Petal fabric carries a light scent of roses. If you are sensitive to smells, we recommend taking this into consideration before making your purchase.

Maternity Dress Arlette

The Raquel wrap maternity dress is crafted from breathable linen, offering a gentle touch on your skin and the life within. Featuring a sewn-in belt for added definition at the empire waist and elastic on the puff sleeves for a snug fit, this dress is perfect for every stage of your pregnancy and beyond.

Linen Maternity Dress Raquel

Gaâla's A-line Nadia maternity dress is crafted from upcycled lightweight Crêpe de Chine silk, paired with a soft viscose lining for added comfort. Adorned with delicate petal sleeves, it boasts an adjustable empire waist, accentuating your slimmest point with a chic tie detail. A button-down front ensures effortless dressing for every stage of your pregnancy and beyond.

A-Line Maternity Dresses Nadia

Crafted from breathable upcycled cotton, the Celia puff sleeve maternity dress is adorned with charming embroidery. It features pretty puffed sleeves that frame an empire waist and a wooden button enclosure running along the length of the design, ensuring both comfort and style throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Puff Sleeve Maternity Dress Celia

Maxi Dresses: The Go-To Summer Maternity Outfit

The maxi Lacey maternity dress is crafted from a sustainable linen-cotton blend with an upcycled viscose lining. It showcases a scoop neckline elegantly framed by pleated puffed sleeves, ensuring style and comfort throughout your pregnancy and beyond. The empire waist with tie effortlessly accentuates your bump while opening into a billowy skirt for ultimate freedom of movement and style.

Maternity Dress Lacey

Crafted from sustainable Rose Petal Cellulose fabric with an upcycled viscose lining, Gaâla's maxi floral Lucette maternity dress offers a gentle touch on both your skin and the life within. It features a smocked elastic square bodice with elastic-capped sleeves, providing a snug and flexible fit throughout your pregnancy and beyond. The elastic waist at the empire line opens to a full, tiered skirt, ensuring comfort and full range of movement.

Maternity Dress Lucette

Dressing for Special Occasions

Maternity wedding guest dress

Attending a wedding while expecting calls for a dress that combines elegance and comfort, such as Gaâla's Lily dress. This maternity mini dress, crafted from sustainable Rose Petal Cellulose fabric with a breathable cotton bodice lining, features a square neckline and a pleated babydoll bustline. An empire waist with a tie flatters your bump, while the girly skirt adds a playful touch with lace trim. This dress offers a luxurious feel, breathability, and ease of movement, ensuring you look stunning while feeling at ease.

Maternity Mini Dress Lily

Maternity Dress for Baby Shower

Your baby shower is a special celebration of your upcoming arrival, and Gaâla has the perfect dress to make you feel radiant: the Estelle dress. This midi button-down maternity dress is crafted from sustainable linen renowned for its breathability, durability, and gentle touch. Designed for comfort throughout pregnancy and beyond, it features capped sleeves, a feminine bust detail, and an empire waist with a back elastic for added comfort. Complete with a flowing full skirt, it ensures a stylish and comfortable fit for every stage of motherhood.

Button-down Maternity Dress

Accessorizing Your Summer Maternity Dress


Complete your look with Gaâla's sustainable Celine flats, perfect for any special occasion. These flats make walking a treat, thanks to their supportive arches that support expecting mothers. Additionally, these flats can be machine-washed, making them a practical choice for busy moms-to-be.

Celine washable ballet flats


Opt for delicate, elegant jewelry to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit without weighing you down. Lightweight pieces such as fine necklaces, dainty bracelets, and subtle earrings can enhance your look while ensuring comfort.

Audrey Bracelet Coeur d’or Necklace



A cross-body bucket bag is a practical yet stylish accessory for any expecting mother. This type of bag allows you to carry your essentials hands-free, providing convenience and ease of movement. Look for designs with ample space and adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit throughout pregnancy. The hands-free design is perfect for balancing style and practicality.

Raffia Bucket Bag Ruth


What not to wear in maternity?

During maternity, avoid tight-fitting clothes that can restrict movement and cause discomfort. Steer clear of fabrics that don’t breathe well, such as polyester, as they can lead to overheating. High heels and shoes without proper support are also best avoided, as they can lead to balance issues and strain on your back and feet.

Can I wear regular clothes while pregnant?

You can wear regular clothes while pregnant, especially during the early stages. Look for items with stretchy fabrics, adjustable waistbands, or loose-fitting styles. However, maternity-specific clothing will provide better support and comfort as your pregnancy progresses.

How should I accessorize my summer maternity outfits?

Accessorize your summer maternity outfits with practical and stylish items. Choose delicate, lightweight jewelry to add a touch of elegance without adding extra weight. Opt for comfortable, supportive flats that provide good arch support. Complete your look with a crossbody bucket bag that allows you to carry essentials hands-free.

How do I choose the right size for maternity clothes?

When choosing maternity clothes, select your pre-pregnancy size, as most are designed to accommodate your growing bump. Look for items with adjustable features, such as elastic waists, ties, or stretchy fabrics. If unsure, consult the brand’s sizing chart or try different sizes to find the most comfortable fit.