Who makes your clothes




I fell in love with my profession at the very beginning of the journey and realized that there is nothing else I want to do. I love challenges and complications where I need to turn my brain on. 

My experience allows me to occupy a higher position (I was offered to be a master and a technologist before), but I surprised myself by staying true to my profession. It doesn’t seem like a strange decision to me, I’m amazed that I never get bored.

There are good wages and working conditions at Gaala. And I mean it: the temperature, the light, the workplaces, and the environment- everything is perfect. I also have good feedback from Kelly and Alexander; comments, and suggestions that help me be at my best so that the clients can get high-quality products, exactly what they deserve.



I never thought about sustainability before and was surprised to learn Gaala’s ethos. Why some brands care about the environment and others don’t? It’s never too late to learn to do good, I think.

I can say from my experience that such beautiful designs are so rare- I’m happy to work with them at Gaala. When you sew a model for the first time it’s rather challenging, then- you start to love it, I imagine a woman wearing it somewhere in Paris or Europe. Most of all I like the dresses and the harder the better. I take it as a challenge: “Can I do it”?

I enjoy the process of sewing exclusive clothing. I love my work: I get spiritual satisfaction from it. I get emotional pleasure from communicating with people here as well. When I see how Kelly and Alexander are devoted to their work I think:” Why should I be less devoted”? And this business becomes precious to me too. It’s great that we’re treated with dignity: they tell us the news, care about how we’re doing, answer questions, respect us;  here we are taken seriously, And I would say that’s fair, because tailoring is a respected profession no matter what many people might think.

I find this environment highly motivating- we want to grow up and study. We’ve already learned how to work with silk and light fabrics, the next step is learning English. That’s not a joke- we want to listen to audio lessons in the workshop to learn phrases connected to our profession. We wonder what Kelly thinks about the garment, and when she tells us about it we just can’t understand. I mean: Kelly knows a little about Russian, why can’t we know a little about English?



I always liked sewing. I think it started with my school labor classes, where we sewed aprons and pillowcases. I never thought to be a tailor- it just happened. At that time many girls went to study as seamstresses and tailors although it wasn’t easy to enter. I must also say that if I had a chance to choose again I would make the same decision. I regret nothing: I can’t even imagine myself in another profession.

I like where I am and who I am. I appreciate my work at Gaala, all the products I make, the opportunity to witness all stages of garment making process, to think, to create. I like the team and people I’m working with and the inspiration we get from Kelly and Alexander. I like these beautiful designs we’re making- all of them, but especially from linen- I love linen. I call Gaala models rich simplicity - they are perfect. I like everything here.



Sample cutter

I have a lot of work experience, but despite this, once I came to Gaala I faced some difficulties. Silk is a very flexible, delicate, and capricious fabric. The cut must be as accurate as possible because it affects the quality of the sewing. I feel such a huge responsibility, but I’m always interested in studying and grateful for this opportunity to get better and better.

Most of all I love when the new designs come, I would even compare it to the birth of a new life. There’s only one thing about it: as soon as I start to love one model another appears, and now I have countless loves.