Program's Terms & Conditions
The GAÂLA GIRL SOCIETY is our loyalty program. Each different level gives you access to exclusive benefits as well as points that can be exchanged for discounts. Each euro spent on the site or in-store is equal to 10 points. At each new purchase, your level is reviewed and recalculated based on your purchases during the calendar year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at
How can I sign up for the GAÂLA GIRL SOCIETY?
If you have already created an account on our website, you’ve been automatically enrolled. Otherwise, you can sign up here.
I placed an order without having previously created a customer account, if I create an account in the future will I have points from my previous order?
Unfortunately, you need to have created an account prior to making a purchase in order for your points to be taken into account.
How can I earn points?
There are so many ways to earn points. As soon as you join the program, you’ll be welcomed with 200 points to get you started. You also gain 10 points for every euro you spend with us. Take a look at the loyalty program page for more ways to rack up the most points.
How do I check my points balance?
Log into your personal account here. Your points balance is displayed at the top of the page. You can also track previous orders and check how many points you have gained with each purchase.
Where can I find my coupon codes?
The coupon codes are generated and applied directly at the checkout page.
My points balance has not been updated after a purchase, what should I do?
First of all, go to your customer account and check in the section entitled “Orders” that the purchase was registered. If it appears in your order history, check if your order was placed more than two days ago. If not, it is normal as your points are "pending" during this time. If the purchase does not appear in your purchase history, you may have made a purchase using another e-mail address. In this case, contact our client service team at so that we can attribute your points.
What are the conditions for ordering a gift?
To qualify for a gift, please ensure the following:
- You are enrolled in our loyalty program.
- You have earned enough loyalty points for the desired gift exchange.
- Select a gift with a minimum purchase of €100.
- Kindly be advised that only one gift can be chosen per order.
What happens to my points if I cancel/return an order or part of an order?
If you decide to return or cancel an order in its entirety, your points will be automatically canceled. If you decide to return or cancel part of an order, the points that are on hold that relate to the canceled or returned articles will be deducted from your points total.
Am I obliged to return a gift if I decide to return items from my order?
If you choose to return your entire order, we kindly ask that the accompanying gift be returned in original condition. Failure to do so will result in the value of the gift being deducted from your refund.
Can I apply all the coupons in one order?
Only one coupon may be applied in one order.
Which products can I use my discount code on?
Our discount codes are valid across our product range with the exception of gift cards and promotional items.
I need help with my GAÂLA GIRL SOCIETY account.
If you’d like to contact us regarding your account, please email us at