We take pride in being part of the slow fashion movement, making positive changes with every piece of garment we design, make, and sell.

no overproduction

Preorder system

Mass production, without understanding demand, contributes to overproduction and waste, which is why Gaâla predominantly works on a preorder basis.

A preorder item is a product that is made to order. Preorders allow small brands like ours to gauge customer interest and consequent demand by listening to the needs and wants of our community and dedicating our time and attention to highly valued collections and products, avoiding excess inventory. This approach is more sustainable and helps minimize our environmental impact.


The process begins with inspiration from luxurious upcycled fabrics and our beautiful Gaâla Girls


We put pen to paper and turn our ideas into timeless, trend-transcending designs


With much excitement, we launch our collections of these beautiful pieces, making them available for you to preorder


After your order is placed, our tailors work individually to craft your garment with love and care. This process takes about 2 weeks


Your garment is shipped to you from Paris; with love ♡


Upcycled and Sustainable

The fashion industry accounts for 20% of the world's water waste and 10% of global carbon emissions, yet 85% of fabrics created each year end up in landfills or incinerated. Not only does this result in disastrous environmental consequences by polluting our land and oceans, but it is also a waste of unspoiled, high-quality fabrics that can be crafted into beautiful garments and given a loving home.

This is where we come in as "treasure hunters." Our travels take us worldwide, discovering new cultures and ateliers while perusing through endless rolls of these beautiful, diverse textiles, selecting and giving them a second life.

In addition to utilizing upcycled fabrics, we collaborate closely with small, family-owned textile companies specializing in producing high-quality, sustainable fabrics. This steadfast commitment to sustainability ensures the durability and longevity of our apparel while minimizing any negative impact on the environment.

Due to the limited nature of these upcycled fabrics, designs often cannot be reproduced in the same fabric, which means that many Gaâla garments are unique and one-of-a-kind.

Fair labor

Wages and work safety

Fast fashion has allowed us to buy and own more clothes than previous generations. We buy excessively to keep up with the ever-changing trends and discard almost as quickly as we purchase. We don't ask ourselves why trends are accessible at such low costs. The answer lies in the reduction of production costs, cheap quality garments, unlivable wages for garment workers, and disastrous consequences on our planet.

With more thoughtful production comes the ability to hire skilled laborers and artisans and provide fair wages and safe working conditions for our team. With our dedication to honest and ethical labor practices, Gaâla is committed to being part of the solution, not the problem.

Zero Waste

Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Fashion industry waste occurs at several production stages, from pattern cutting to excess fabric and packaging. We have adopted a zero-waste approach to eliminate textile waste in every aspect of our production by not only diverting waste created by fashion houses but also by transforming our luxurious fabric remnants into hair accessories, our cardboard waste into paper, and by donating the small amount of textile surplus that we cannot reuse to a company that repurposes them to make padding for sports equipment.

We aim to ensure that zero-waste practices extend outside of the production cycle. With the use of high-quality fabrics and careful attention to detail, we prioritize the skillful crafting of our garments to ensure longevity and to encourage our customers to re-wear their clothes for years to come, reducing the need for constant replacement and minimizing waste.

Eco-Friendly Partnerships

Your order plants a tree

Gaâla has been a proud partner of C Free since 2021,  planting one tree for every one of your orders. To this day, with your help, Gaala has planted 13,000+ trees and counting.